Monday, May 16, 2011


i'm watching HMC PHLOW last night.This weekend theme is “80’s”. it's amazing how they dance and perform on stage. Perfect. They had been my fave crew since the showdown 2010 started past couple of months ago. i never missed their performance every week. the group consist 6 member. Epul, Faroq, Hydzly, Fazrin and Fareez. among them, Faroq really catch my eyes. he's the crew leader. and also the best dancer on the show. i mean in Malaysia. the freestyler. He make you just wanna get up and follow the beat. but i think, what attract people, fans. it's because of their step. their got their own unique and kinda " robotic " movement. which is when their perform, it gives some kind of explosive show. but u guys really have to see their performance. just search at youtube for hmc phlow. and u guys gonna enjoy it.

So don’t miss 2 Vote 4 HMC PHLOW k..

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